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Our RMD Rescue Program© is a unique way to save your forced required minimum distributions ('RMD'), using an innovative annuity from the Annexus Group that has over 8 patents awarded.

BYOA Annuity Rate Checker©
The BYOA Annuity Rate Checker© gives you the competitive advantage! You can quickly determine if another advisor's annuity recommendation is lower, equal to, or higher than the current industry average rates. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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Fixed Indexed Annuity Rates
S&P500 AnnP2P Caps - 1.0% to 6.0%
Other AnnP2P Caps - 1.0% to 6.45%
Spreads / Blends - ~ 6-9% / ~ 2.8-4%
Fixed Allocation Rates - 0.25% to 2.8%

CD Annuity/MYGA Rates
Under 5 yrs - 2.25% and less
5 to 7 yrs   - 3.20% and less
8 to 10 yrs  - 3.80% and less

Income Rider Roll-up Fees & Rates
No Annual Fee       - 5%
~ 0.95% Annual Fee - 4% to 7%

Death Benefit Rider Fees & Rates
0.60%+ Annual Fee - 2 to 4%

Unlimited Growth Index Annuities
Currently Available: 6


A state-of-the-art and proprietary Q&A wizard to help you build the most suitable deferred annuity or indexed annuity for you and your goals, with income options too.
An accurate, customized and competitive annuity quote tailored to your goals is just a few clicks away.
Free and simple solutions-driven calculator tools available for your annuity caluclations, like our proprietary Fixed Indexed Annuity Allocations Comparison Calculator.
We have the most comprehensive online deferred or indexed annuity resources, including annuity types, concepts, benefites, tips & secrets.
The Build Your Own Annuity Blog keeps you updated on important political, economic, annuity industry, index annuity and deferred annuity news.
It is easy to choose an annuity as an addition to your portfolio if you know all the benefits annuities offer you.
Is there a specific annuity or insurance company that you would like more information on? Let us know!
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We are deferred annuity and indexed annuity experts. With our proprietary wizard you can build your own annuity, utilize our varied annuity calculators, easily request customized free annuity quotes, find the best indexed annuity rates, get a free evaluation of your existing annuities, & request annuity materials. In short, we make, deferred annuity and indexed annuity concepts way too simple. Highlights and Features